Brief Thoughts

I remain perpetually amused when people who reject the usefulness, appropriateness, or value of rules in relationships or self-identify as relationship anarchists continue to fall back on legalistic models and language for getting what you want without asking solving interpersonal conflicts.  This has come up several times lately and I’ve managed to keep my snark down to a dull roar and a wry smirk. When your identity, your models, your vocabulary, and your actions don’t accord, you’re bound to run into some skeptical faces about what exactly you hope to accomplish with your speech, and I’ll be at the front of the crowd with one eyebrow up, laughing at your expense.

Yesterday was Thomthulhu’s birthday and it was lovely. We went to the Twisted Tail and ate some good food, and I gave us a membership to the Philadelphia Zoo, so we can go whenever we want.  I’m so looking forward to a few uninterrupted days in his company.  I have a long weekend coming up and have a few small projects around the house, including a window privacy film solution that won’t cost me a bajillion dollars, and measuring our windows for homemade insulated curtains.

I recently re-YOLO’d my hair and I now look like a magical unicorn princess, which is my preferred state of being.

The rumor mill’s a little thick these days, and that’s a bit tiresome.

I’ve been solicited to co-write a paid advice column and we’re generating a lot of ideas about that and I’m hoping to do some writing tonight after I make dinner and clean the bathroom.  A few folks are also terribly excited about me writing more extensively on apologies and the culture that does (distinct from the culture that should) surround them.

All of these, plus Ash’s new wordpress environment are keeping me pretty busy and creative.  I’m eyeing up stenciling a few rooms in Sarnath, as well, though I think that should wait til the Autumn when it’s a bit cooler.

I know I’ve been quiet lately, which is often a sign that I’m busy.  There’s other stuff going on in the backchannels of my life, especially with regard to my mom’s health that also have my a bit preoccupied, but I’m still around.


Brief Thoughts

So uh, this is awkward

Hey y’all.

Uh.  I’m not sure what brings you here, and to this specific posting in particular.  It’s a pretty painful one, and there were a straight up ACRE (holy f*ck) of you guys reading it over the last week.  I hadn’t been monitoring my stats the last few days, as I’m preparing for a pretty big exam.

I can’t imagine that you folks are in my regular readership, and I just wanted to put it out there that if you have questions, I’m glad to field them as best I can either publicly in comments or privately, if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Also, if there’s something I should know… I’m all ears.

Edited to fix the link.  Thanks @LizEden


So uh, this is awkward

Sung in the key of Nope, ShoutyBiz, and oh hey look new baby.

First things first, we adopted another black cat, because I’m sure I have toxoplasmosis that makes that seem like an Excellent Idea ™.  She is tiny (compared to our pre-existing Behemoths who tip the scales at a muscular 12.5 and 13 pounds respectively) and her tail is like three inches longer than any other cat I have ever met.

look at my dumb teeth!
This is her ultra-mecha-serious form, also known as Derpnir.

Her name is Gleipnir, and she, like the Fetters of Fenrir after which she is named, is made of six impossible things.  Here she is on her first night at the apartment, bonding with Thomthulhu…
Re: Consistently Rapey People and Their Stupid Triflin’ Bullshit I have adopted a strict policy of reprising the lyrics to popular songs on Facebook to incorporate as many hilarious inclusions of the word Nope as possible.  So far, Toto’s “Africa” has been my biggest hit with the Shouty Peeps in my life, but this week also included a Crowded House reprisal that is fitting given the tendency of sh*tbirds being seemingly incapable of shutting up about how they’ve probably raped people, call it something nicer, and how that qualifies them to talk about rape and abuse response even though they have no formal training whatsoever!

There is freedom within / There is freedom with Nope
Try to catch a deluge in a paper NOPE
There’s a Nopal ahead / Many Nopals are lost
But you’ll never see the end of the nope
When you’re traveling with me.


If you are a real life/Skype/Phone friend, you have probably had the privilege of me actually singing this nonsense in your actual life.  You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

In semi-but-not-directly related news, I have a tentative trip to Toronto planned for this summer, assuming I can get my shazbot together for a passport.  I am pretty pumped about it!

Sung in the key of Nope, ShoutyBiz, and oh hey look new baby.