Note to self:

AJ Amazon has requested that I write the story of how I lost my wallet in the presence of a very strange and scary man, and how it came back to me on a day that was a huge punch in the tits.  Seriously.  Wednesday was a real tit-punch.  There are some rays of sunshine now, though!

I’m going to be setting my narrative of Tit-Punch Wednesday and the Rays of Sunshine (working title) in alternate history Victorian England, a la The Difference Engine, and you can all look forward to that either later today or tomorrow. I’m thinking that I will vaguely reference a cholera outbreak and give my story self a title.

Note to self:

Things To Which I Look Forward Immensely

This week has been janked, and I’m glad it’s fizzling.  In the spirit of shouty-FOITS, here’s a buncha shit that is awesome!

I see my players tonight, and I’m starting a new chapter of their adventures tonight!  We’ll probably order take out and have snacks.

My neck hurts less today than it has all week, and seriously, that is more grand than words can express.

When my blog migrates, I can say whatever the f*ck I want, and distribute the password however I see fit without having to monitor the frigging internet for stuff I might need to Warn My Mom Not To Read because your idiot former metamours absolutely have to have the last word on all things including other people’s feelings.  That’s not weird at all!  Definitely stable, measured, moderate neurotypical behavior.  #totesconsentpositivethodudes #noreallystill   #polyethics Seriously, I have such a running list of people who can f*ck off into a thousand suns in a thousand different galaxies.

No big.

The  hills are alive with the sound of  idiots falling into volcanoes. I do believe we have transitioned from the phase where I have the interests of my community in mind firmly into space where I’m just Cheezed Off. WANNA COME you can totally come.    I’m sure I’m due for a moment of Zen. Look forward to that, Readers!  Also, sorry mom!  Love you!

I’m spending a non-trivial portion of Saturday devoting time to Javascript and that should be fun.
Celia is coming to visit this weekend.  People are coming over for some low-key board games and Sunday is Sakura Sunday here in Philly.

It’s going to be 68 degrees and Sunny this weekend.  What?  whaaaat.  wut.

I probably don’t need an MRI.  Definitely looking forward to Not Having an MRI.

My buddy AJ Amazon’s Kickstarter is doing super well.  You should give them a dollar.

Things To Which I Look Forward Immensely

Spring! Boing boing boing.

Guys, I think I might buy a pretty frock to wear to the Goat Races, and I’m pretty excited because it’s got rabbits onnit and will look sweet with a wide variety of Keds or saddle shoes and stupid frilly socks.

It’s the little things, people. I am a badass in a cute dress.

Meanwhile, a good friend is moving soon, so I’ll be getting way familiar with getting picked up at the Norristown Station for gallivanting out to Phoenixville in, let’s be honest, cute dresses and snarky attitudes.  In talking recently, she said a Smart Thing in response to Smart Things I said, noting that “Honesty should be the result of the conditions of a good relationship.  In a good relationship, honesty will be chosen.”  And I’m like, YES GIRL HI5!  My friends are smart and nuanced.  Re-defining my ideas about interaction and relating to people outside of toxic influences has been a cleansing and exciting adventure in re-discovering myself.  I’m fortunate to have people around me who agree that critical engagement is best when it is about excavating what people actually think, rather than snowblowing them into agreeing with your views.

In unrelated news I have a show this weekend,  and H has contacted a talent recruiter about my readiness to ascend a rung on the ladder towards career advancement (yes please?) and I’m basically freaking out.

I have attachment to outcomes re: this recruiter’s responses and I legit, hate, attachment to outcomes.  Wanting things I might not get is basically the total worst excruciating bullshit in the history of human existence.   Wanting things is a giant mud clod in my zen garden, y’all.  But it is also like, a really exciting mud clod?  Like oh maybe that mud is covering something totally radical (it does.  I really want to work for this company.)?!  There be gold in that there mud clod.  And by Gold I mean Fulfillment, Prosperity, and Opportunities for Advancement that Don’t Involve Law School because seriously eff that noise in the A on Saturday.

This weekend is the Sakura Festival in Philly, and that’s exciting and Vernal as all f*ck, and we’ll likely be hanging with Seraphina and Frankie, and I’m hoping Celia and Michelle and herThomas.  It will be grand as anything.

Website migration has been slow, but my new logo is done and that’s pretty rad.  More work on that this week.  YAY!

Spring! Boing boing boing.

Winged Migration.

So the migration has begun.

Frequent readers: I will be migrating my blog posts from rabbitdarling over to my new domain, but they will be password protected — as will future content concerning my heart, mind, and semi-private life.  Please message me if you would like the password, and, assuming I trust you, (Hi LizEden, and several others!) I’ll make sure you get it.

The new website is a pretty big WIP, and will be changing a lot over the next few weeks as I gain mastery with WordPress.  I gave it about 2 hours last night, but some of that time was spent reading and getting to know the tools.  Tonight should be a little more focused and a little less experimental.  (:3

Once I pick up some things I need for the Whiskey Kittens show on April 11, Friday is going to be a pretty dedicated work session since I have the day off from working at the firm.  Look for big changes!  ❤

Winged Migration.