Furboo x2

So, last night we went to PALS, with our eyes peeled for a tortoiseshell or calico girl with a lot of personality to be our wee friend and companion.  We walked in and met a few girls that fit the description, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t falling in love. Then someone tugged on my ponytail, and it was love at first sight.
HuginnAt the shelter, they called him “Little Boy,” which is a total misnomer.  This beast is enormous with a profile that SLAYS HEARTS.  In familiar surroundings he’s a hugger, and quite aggressive with his affections.  I was immediately smitten.

“He’s the one, Tom,” I said.

Then we found out: this “Little Boy” needs a friend.  He has a friend, in fact.  A friend named “Mozzy” who likes to play and roughhouse and keep this gargantuan panther busy.  Tom and I exit to discuss.

“We’re gone an awful lot.  Do you think we can do two?”  I ask.
“It’s not a bad idea for us to provide a friend.  But two boys?  Sometimes they smell.”

We get in the car, with Little Boy in tow, over to a shelter house where Mozzy is hanging out.  We walk in, and Mozzy hugs Tom, and climbs onto his shoulders and head.


“Well, at least this won’t require a lot of deliberation,” I said.

So now we possess two beautiful glossy panther boys named Huginn (Little Boy) and Muninn (Mozzy).  So far, they’ve been perfect gentlemen.  Muninn chirped happily throughout the night, sometimes joining us in bed.  Huginn was a bit shy in unfamiliar surroundings, until this morning after breakfast, when he joined Muninn and I in bed for a bit.  Muninn appears to have the dominant personality, which is surprising, given that he’s only 3/4 the size of his much larger pal. I have a feeling Muninn favors Tom, and Huginn favors me.  Both of them are climbers, and I’m already looking into ways to encourage them to climb appropriately in our small space.

Muninn shows a strong attraction to high places and my perfume collection (what a dandy!).  Huginn seems to like cave-like structures and also, joining me in the shower and putting his head in my shoes.  They both hate the car, but like true gentlemen, waited to pee until we got home (thanks, boys!).

So today’s happiness post is: Meet the newest additions to the Sky Warren of R’lyeh — welcome home Huginn and Muninn.

Furboo x2