An update on Finanxiety

Finance Anxiety!  I have it!

However.  I made a pretty big improvement this month from last month, and I want to share it here.  If you recall, I had the HORRIFYING revelation, thanks to and Smartgirlmoney (no seriously, thank you), that I spent $908 last month on food I did not make myself, most typically on evenings when I was out in philly for tabletop games.

Well, September had it’s own share of fun financial surprises, BUT: I cut that number from $908 in August to $226 in September, and honestly: I could have done a little better than even that.  Cutting a major area of spending by 75% in a month is a really big deal!  That’s like, $700 you guys.

There were some craptacular developments with cars and the like that ate a lot of that difference, but hey: I wouldn’t have had that money if I was spending it on thai food.  We also adopted two glorious panther cats this month, and some of the money I saved from not eating out as much went towards things they needed (or we needed to preserve our sanity).  So while bottom line, my overall “what’s left” at the end of the month is really similar to last month (augh), I made a decision to execute a very serious change, and I did!  If I can keep that up in October, things might look much sunnier by Yuletide.

In the next week, I’ll be selling my old car, and using a portion of the proceeds to pay down my credit card, and do some repairs myself on my Subaru.  Replacing my radiator and thermostat myself means that I’ll be spending $150 instead of $400, and I’m down with that, even if it does take phone calls to my buddy Adam, and a bunch of youtube videos.

Mostly, guys, I’m just really proud of myself. Seeing the numbers of what I spent on something seriously non-essential plummet that far in a span of four weeks was a really big deal.  Despite the fact that on paper, I still sort of over-spent this month, I had the money available for serious essentials (car stuff) and a thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time with my partner (furbabies) because I made this one change.

In addition: I also found a therapist with availability starting in December (she’s on maternity leave at the moment) who is within my health insurance network.  That investment in my overall well-being is something I want to prioritize, and now I’m pretty confident I can, if I work at it.

Making this improvement has given me the confidence to be like, “Oh hey, I might be CRAZYPANTS when it comes to money and my thoughts and feelings about it, but at least now I have the knowledge that Things Will Probably Be Okay.”  I’m not sure if that sort of visible improvement (I just like piecharts and graphs, okay?) will fully resolve the level at which my financial brain feels disordered, but it certainly helps.

An update on Finanxiety