A Moment For My Heart to Sing

I don’t talk a lot about new relationship energy.
That is, in part, because it takes quite a lot for me to both like and trust a person enough to experience it.

But here I am!  Experiencing it!  And so is she?!  What is my life.

We’ve been separated by geography (and a time zone!) for a few weeks, and while it has been hard in many senses, it’s also been a rather sweet opportunity to consider how we both feel about our dynamic, our significance to one another, and to make exciting plans for a summer together.  Doing that work at a distance has felt right and good and honest — I think we’ve gained a lot from it.  This is especially true because we’re both busy humans maintaining our own families and are both RATHER SHY IN PERSON.

Anyway, y’all.  It’s been hella great and both of us will be returning from vacation right around the same day next week and it’s just super lovely cue birds singing and flowers blooming and a lot of shy giggling over Skype.

Meanwhile, I’m heading to a week long LARP event this afternoon with Thomthulhu, Donna, and others.  GONNA GO PLAY SOME EXTENDED PRETEND PEEPS BYE SEE YOU LATER I WILL BE IN A LAKE.

Soon, our star child is coming to visit for a whole month, assuming she survives the UNENDING TRAVAILS OF BEING FOURTEEN which are many and trying.  I’m confident she’ll make it.

I’ve recently begun the initial work to organize (and participate in!) a restorative justice and peacemaking workshop and that’s been both healing and satisfying as an endeavor.  I’m still pretty firm that I do not want any more leadership roles in my life any time soon; but I do feel good about acquiring skills and domain experience facilitating difficult conversations because OMG LIFE IS LIKE THAT THIS SEEMS SUPER USEFUL.

I have some pending Other Exciting News, but I am waiting on some final inputs before I talk about that — keep an eye out.

A Moment For My Heart to Sing

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