Winged Migration.

So the migration has begun.

Frequent readers: I will be migrating my blog posts from rabbitdarling over to my new domain, but they will be password protected — as will future content concerning my heart, mind, and semi-private life.  Please message me if you would like the password, and, assuming I trust you, (Hi LizEden, and several others!) I’ll make sure you get it.

The new website is a pretty big WIP, and will be changing a lot over the next few weeks as I gain mastery with WordPress.  I gave it about 2 hours last night, but some of that time was spent reading and getting to know the tools.  Tonight should be a little more focused and a little less experimental.  (:3

Once I pick up some things I need for the Whiskey Kittens show on April 11, Friday is going to be a pretty dedicated work session since I have the day off from working at the firm.  Look for big changes!  ❤

Winged Migration.

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