Polymathing it up

I spent my weekend sleeping, spending time with family (and my brother in particular), and coding.  It was pretty dreamy, even though Tom was sick and my brother’s having a rough time of it.  I’m helping a friend give her web content a new, sleek dress to wear out at parties, and really enjoying the process.  I’m picking up a teensy bit of the interplay between HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery while I’m at it, and I have to say I’m loving the entire thing.  I’m hoping to have a skeleton up and running for her off of my own domain to demo by mid-April, and for her content to be fully fleshed out, reorganized, and have filled out the details of the frock it wears and how it’ll dance by May.  It’s my first real effort building from the ground, and it’s teaching me a lot.  I also think it will be rather chic by the time we’re done.

In other news, I’m starting to make some real progress on my new website, as well.  I treated myself to some components on Fiverr today, including a new logo and a chibi-me to act as my avatar (I got the line sketch today and MAN is she going to be super, purple, and cute!).  Hanif gave me some skill trees on trello that involve PROGRESS BARS and I’m pretty excited to level up a lot in the next few weeks.  I am always more diligent and productive when I have a dynamic and goal-oriented view of where I am and where I need to go.

For my birthday, my mom bought me really excellent (purple, abs, wheeled, hardbody) luggage, with a note that she hopes I get to use it for job interviews and traveling to clients very soon, which was very thoughtful and generous (seriously, this luggage is swanky!).  She also gave me a note about how much we’ve grown together in the last two years, which is true and something I’m deeply grateful to acknowledge.

The wise and wicked Thomthulhu is recovering from a plague of some variety and has a Hella Week ahead of him, but not so Hella that we won’t get to see our NEW NEIGHBORS Tim and Felicity tomorrow night after work!  WEST PHILADELPHIA WILL CONSUME YOU ALL BWA HA HA HA HAAAA.  No really, come live near me.  We will get coffee randomly, and you can pet our cats, and I’ll make rooibos lattes.

We also had a pretty unexpected windfall this weekend that may mean that T’s daughter may get to come stay with us this Summer for a bit, and I am hungry to help make that happen for them.  She’s just about the coolest tween on the planet, and I want to help her cosplay all her favorite Homestuck Trolls.

Them’s the haps, for the mo.  Hopefully soon, I’ll  be unveiling my website with a portfolio and some widgets and an outline of all my current projects.



Polymathing it up

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