Birthday Recap

Y’all, I have the best of friends.

I missed seeing Amanda in NYC, but am eyeing up weekends in which she does not Nurse It Up in April to make up the time with her.  We’re currently seeking venues that have small, soundproof rooms with heavy doors in which we may yell with wild abandon.

Meanwhile, we arrived mid-snowstorm in Madison Square Gardens around 8:15 on Friday night.  We met up with Sam and saw the Bounce eXchange office in the New York Times building.  From there, it was back to Brooklyn for late night German food and some drinks, followed by me crashing right the hell out on an air mattress with Thomthulhu.

Up the next morning, and Sam wasn’t feeling like pants, so we caught the ACE uptown and met Kurticus Maximus for brunch at Cafe d’Alsace which was, NGL, bomb.  I ate too much and drank too much delicious coffee and consumed like a pound of cheese.  From there, we hoofed it over to the Met and gawked at art for many hours.  Kurt brought us to Pip’s Place and I got to eat a pastry for the first time in 4 years.  They specialize in gluten-free baked goods, and had one blueberry and lemon danish left. It was a religious experience, and I now dream about that pastry.  A nice long walk later, we were at the Raines Law Room with Kurt, Sam, and Becky.  We did a non-trivial amount of cocktailing and I had a habanero and pineapple concoction that was life altering.  We wrapped up with late night Hookah and an assortment of meat-based snacks.  It was grand.

Becky made us breakfast the following morning, and we caught the bus on the far west side of the city and slept the whole way home.  Thomthulhu successfully completed his Colonialism paper, and I finished everything Hanif and I had filed under “in process” for our demo org in [redacted].  T interrupted his paper-writing to make out with me and tell me I’m special, I made Tikka Masala, took a bath and a nap, and was in bed by 10 after watching a few episodes of the X-Files.

Kurt, Sam, and I are planning a hackathon once Sam settles on his house in Rutherford and gets comfy in his new space.  If one more smart dude I know tells me to learn Javascript so they can hire me, I’m gonna do a back flip!  I’m seriously considering cancelling my performances in April to give myself the breathing room to devote to Javascript and Swedish, maybe pick up another paying short term gig or two over the month of April, and getting ready for LARP season to start.

It definitely looks like we’re going to be suing my former landlord, unless he provides the paperwork I’ve asked for (and to which I am legally entitled), so I have that complaint to draft over the next week, and will have the funds set aside to file it on April 8th.  He’s released my expected security deposit, but retro-dated the check and engaged in a lot of other shady bullying and f*ckery that both T and I agree that he could stand to go on public record about trying to frighten me out of asking for documentation that would substantiate his deductions to our deposit, and proof that he held my deposit in escrow as he was legally required to do.  I’m still willing to let myself be talked out of it and just cash the check for $500 and have done with it, but I am, after all, in love with a Tauran man who wants to take this dude to the gallows for how he behaved.

So that’s birthday re-cap.  I think Mom and I might go clothes shopping, and I’m supposed to get Indian food with my excellent brother this weekend.  And we might move my desk to Sarnath finally!  Thirty-three is looking like the best year yet.

Birthday Recap

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