Happy Birthday to Me — almost.

I want to open with a thought that passed through my brain this morning, as I watched the sun rise from my train window.

Break the Silence

If your worst nightmare is being called to account for the way in which you have become accustomed to treating people, perhaps their actions are not the ones upon which you should be myopically focused.  Perhaps, if being held accountable is your nightmare, the person whose actions that require your immediate attention are your own.

Like, if two three five six eight nine whole human beings step forward, after being independently asked, risking embarrassment, humiliation, shame, rejection, trauma, re-victimization, blame, and dismissal to be like, “my experiences with this person were really negative and I’m not sure I would attend events where they were going to be present because I do not feel safe around them,”  maybe this is not so much an ‘all of these people are full of sh*t and only I have access to the truly true truth’ problem, and more of a ‘perhaps you ought to recognize’ problem.

I combat this happy horsesh*t by enjoying a hashtag I started on twitter, originally inspired by Ashley, and noting that I look cute AF today, from rabbit print tights to petal pink cardigan.  Nan always said, if you’re gonna have a rough day, wear a cute frock.  It is advice that has never failed me.

So my birthday is a week long celebration.  Perhaps we’ve met and you know this already.  If we haven’t… hi, this is RD, and my birthday lasts from the Friday preceding my birthday to the Sunday following it.  This particular year, my thirty-third, falls on Friday of this week.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with Celia, my little sister of the heart, for supper after work, and then going home to my diligent Thomthulhu, who is finishing a paper tonight.

The rest of the week is mostly going to be devoted to some [redacted] formulas with Hanif, and spending some time looking at the CSS code for Ashley’s website to see if I can change things up for her, design and presentation-wise.  I’m looking forward to both of those tasks, especially given the pretty shiny laptop I was just given on extended/indefinite loan.  I also need to remember to check on my Rails Girls sponsorship letters this week, and look up the javascript for putting progress bars for my projects onto my new website.

Then, Friday evening, Thomthulhu and I are heading to New York City to see Amanda and her Lovely Husbo, son, and fetal daughter (who will be joining us ex utero so soon!), Our dearest Sam, and The Inimitable Kurt Yungel.  We have a trip to the Met planned so that T. can complete a project for Roman Archaeology (he does not Art, but I do, so I will likely be googly eyed over by the impressionists and ancient sculpture while he stares at some things and blithely takes notes.  Other than that, though, we plan to play some board games, eat some good food, have some good drinks, and sleep on Sam’s air mattress.   We’ll come home after breakfast on Sunday and get ready for the week.  We haven’t traveled together much outside of LARP so this will be nice.

Happy Birthday to Me — almost.

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