Like the Wu Tang Clan, Effing with Me is Inadvisable.

So my horrendous landlord from my previous apartment has been trying to squeeze every little dime out of my security deposit he can.  Apparently up to and including $322 of power usage I –now confirmed — did not incur.

Conflict in communication is really, really hard for me; but I have been trying to learn to do better with it.  It can be hard to balance anger (and when it comes to financial stuff, a lot of fear and other mixed up feelings about worthiness and stuff) with the need for clarity and the enforcement of reasonable boundaries.  Given that we moved out on 12/28/14, and I paid our lease per his request through 2/8/15, my patience with his bullsh*t has worn way thin.

Here is what I just sent to him:

I have just spoken with Delmarva.

My  $190 deposit with Delmarva was correctly and as per my instructions, applied to my balance due for November to December. 

The entire usage from 12/5/14 through 2/5/15 was in fact, $72 owed by me after my deposit was applied.

They are sending me a statement to that effect, along with the proper consumption diagrams.  The bill you have attached to your email to me is not my usage, as per the power company.

I am happy to pay the $72 you may have had to cover for usage of mine prior to our lease-end date.  I am not sure what the $322.52 is supposed to be covering, but according to the power company, they show no record for Apt 5 incurring those charges during the dates of my lease with you.

I expect the necessary documentation from Delmarva to demonstrate what we spoke about on the phone today, and I will scan and email you a copy upon its arrival. 

This would adjust the amount of my security deposit to be returned from $177.46 to $428.00.  Please let me know how you would like to proceed. 


My documentation from Delmarva is being mailed today, and should arrive at my address in Philly early next week.  If, by a week from my sending you the documents from Delmarva via email , I do not have the full amount of my security deposit I am owed, I will be filing a complaint with the Court of Common Pleas,  and asking as is my statutory right, for double the amount of my original deposit for a late return on my deposit as per 25 Del C. Section 5514 (f) and (g). 

I would strongly prefer to avoid litigation.  I absolutely understand that you would want to see my documentation from Delmarva showing the charges for which I am actually responsible before we resolve this.   

Hilary Nunes
Paralegal to [redacted], Esq.

I am so, so frigging done.

Like the Wu Tang Clan, Effing with Me is Inadvisable.

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