Communities of Courage

Ashley is one of the bravest, most joyful warriors against rape culture I have ever met in my life.  She has publicly named her rapist after fifteen years of silence, and other people have come forward to her privately to share similar experiences and strengthen her resolve to speak her truth.

I am proud to know her, and I want to signal boost her story here.  She is a pillar of support in my life and I will be her shield maiden for life.

Ashley: I believe you.  You were young when this happened, and it shaped and changed how you developed.  I am so proud of you, of the woman you continue to become, and I stand with you.

Communities of Courage

One thought on “Communities of Courage

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Ashely’s story. We have clicked through, and it is powerful. It’s aggravating and awesome at the same time. Such a powerful reaction from naming her rapist.

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