Yammer Yammer Yammer.

So, that was something.

I’m fairly certain that despite any insinuations that really I’m enjoying myself, I’ve actually learned to metabolize heart-crushing dread over the last few weeks.  I waited for so many shoes to drop you’d think there was a f*cking millipede with my penchant for fluevogs hanging about in my bathroom — and it turns out, drop they did in many cases.  Because you know, I know people and how they behave.

I was planning to write a bullet list of things to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a place similar to the one I was in pre- and mid-Galactic Collision 2014, but I think I’m going to save that for my Woodhull proposal, honestly.

Gigglecrying is basically my new go-to.

In other news, my web presence is going to be changing soon!  It’s actually in the beginning stages now.  I’ve bought a few domain  names and have begun to apply what I learned in my recent Girl Develop It classes.  I’m pretty excited about it.
It’s likely that me yammering about like, feelings, food, and burlesque will continue to live here in this space.  My consulting and technical presence will be, I decided, fully integrated.  I’m not going to be hiding any part of who I am from prospective clients.  But I like having a separate space to talk about the actual details of things like my guts and my kitchen and the history of my heart.

I just submitted my first ever invoice for a [redacted] project, and it felt pretty good.  $30/hr is something I could get used to, if the hourly rate didn’t increase faster than I can adjust to the news.  Someday soon, prosperity all the time and also not workingforever+traveling to/from work additionalforever.  Life is going to be so different by midsummer.  I cannot wait.  AND YET WAIT I MUST.

Also!  I recently discovered Duolingo.com and I’m starting to learn Swedish.  I love the way the program works, and I’m pretty impressed with my ability to retain new vocabulary and put sentences together.  German and Dutch are the next two on my list.

I keep formulating and re-formulating my thoughts on everything that’s transpired since January, especially and it’s like: oh every time I’m convinced that we’ve come back to solid ground it’s another asshole explosion ™.  Eventually, the butt train will run out of steam and I’ll be able to look at the whole process from a birds eye, rather than balls deep perspective and say some Things about how it went, thank the people that need thanking, and perhaps distill my experiences into some practical suggestions for people recovering from similar situations.  In the meantime, probably just like, giggle crying and the hard side-eye.

So, that’s what’s going on with me at the mo.

Yammer Yammer Yammer.

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