On the Horizon

So I’m doing some cool stuff.

My first guest spot on Carnalcopia’s podcast goes live next week.  The girls brought me in as the Boundaries Maven, and I apparently am very good at creating awkward pregnant silence wherein we all pause and re-examine our life choices.  I’ll be joining them again soon for a more light-hearted episode, with a topic TBA.

I’ll also be joining the Carnalcopia team at a conference in Springfield, MA in November on creating shame resilient communities.  I believe it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I’m gonna be hitting up @ThatKatieMack for a carpool.  Awh, yeah.

I perform at the Penn Museum next week in the Sphinx Room for an after-hours event, and will be at the Trocadero in March.  I have a duet to plan with Ginny this weekend and we’re both pretty psyched.

I’m contacting a tattoo parlor at the recommendation of a dear friend up in Lancaster, in the hopes of a skype/email/phone consultation for the first panel of my left arm sleeve, courtesy of my generously donating friends.

I’ve been solicited to be part of a reading and commentary book club with five or six other girls, in an effort to smash patriarchy.  We’re starting with a chapter-by-chapter discussion of F*fty Sh*d*s, but I’ve got my crosshairs on the Outlander series in a big way.  I’m hoping to hit up some bloglyfe friends to see if they want to guest spot our discussions.

Professionally speaking, my [redacted] projects have stalled a bit, but I’m hoping to inject some life into them both this weekend.  I also have some legal lyfe crap to do, but I’m hoping to surprise Tomthulhu with a little field trip in the city once we both finish our projects this weekend.  It’s a little mushy, so naturally I’m excited.  BONUS ROMANCE POINTS IF IT SNOWS BUT IS NOT BALLS FREEZING OUT.

A lot of people I love got really great news in the last week.  A lot of new jobs, new opportunities, pay dirt, and accomplishment.  I want to surf the wave of their happiness forever.

So!  Looking forward to all of that!

On the Horizon

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