Your Looks are Laughable

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day Person.  I love romance, and I love celebrating; don’t get me wrong.  I think every day’s a holiday and every meal’s a feast — even when you might not have a lot.  But Valentine’s Day sort of pales in comparison to its predecessor, Lupercalia.  Last year was utterly wonderful.  T brought me chocolate covered strawberries and plunked me down in front of the teevee and put on Wall-E.  I think we got Thai takeout and had some wine together.  Last winter had so much upheaval and we were both in full on cocoon-mode a lot of the time.  It was pretty much everything I wanted without even knowing to ask.  I’d like to do something nice for him this year — it’s only fair!   I am probably going to write some emails this weekend to a few folks I love, and on Saturday, we take the Boys to the vet for rabies shots, and Tomthulhu has a book review to write for school.

So naturally, I’m thinking of making something nice for dinner that evening.  It’s as much a gift for me as it is for Himself (I love to cook, and a girl’s gotta eat after all).  We’re due for perhaps a bit of snow over the weekend so I’m gunning for maximum coziness with a side of brain food.  We both have some work to do this weekend and it’s important for us to feed our bodies good stuff.  He takes really wonderful care of me and hangs in like a trooper when my stress levels are high and I’m tired or grouchy.  I like the idea of saying thank you.

So naturally, I thought OH HELL YES Y’ALL TIKKA MASALA and then was like legit RD Staaaaaahp.  So!  Instead, I think I might poach a chicken in milk and make some garlic spinach and some roasted beets to go with it.  Between that, tea, wine, and maybe a treat (gelato, perhaps?) I think we’ll be pretty well fed.  I can always make tikka masala Sunday to be dinners for the first half of next week.

Tom’s been fighting a cold of some kind and I’m pretty run down from a busy week, myself.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day a lot of the time, yaknow?  I’m sure he’ll happily make us tea while supper gets made; and if he wants a break from school work, we can continue our binge watch (his first!) of Twin Peaks and (my first!) Avatar: the Last Air-Bender.  I might even spring for one of the old Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes feature-length stories on Amazon Streaming.

It should be a nice weekend.  And I sure would fancy a nice snow storm.  ❤

Your Looks are Laughable

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