Shared without (much) commentary

An article has been making the rounds on Jezebel about What Happens When a Prominent Feminist is Accused of Rape.

It deserves mention that the article itself deserves a significant content warning for sexual assault, betrayal, bullying, violence against women* (and men*) and the stresses of reporting that someone has hurt you.

I will, however, leave this excerpt here as a reminder to myself:

They talked about a need to dominate other men in conversation, about how self-assured some men seemed when touting their feminist credentials. The prouder a man feels about professing basic feminist ethics—like asking for consent—the more likely he is, perhaps, to think words are the true force of feminism.

“Don’t trust what they say about consent,” Jasper said when I asked what they would tell others confronted with a similar situation. “Trust what they do about consent. If they boast about their consent practices, say you want to see it in action.”

“If a man feels the need to brag about his consent practices,” Jasper added, “it’s probably because he doesn’t know how to show it to you.”

Life lessons and narrow escapes.

Shared without (much) commentary

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