Birthday: Pre-emptive Strike

So, upon the urgings of friends, particularly Ashley, I have decided to make it publicly known that I’m crowd-sourcing my next tattoo session as a birthday gift to myself.

It’s been nearly 6 years since I’ve gone under the gun, and I have an entire left arm sleeve simmering that is literature-inspired.  My first session will be the lamppost from Narnia, with Aslan’s words to Lucy in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Courage, dear Heart.  It should be a quick little jammer, as the saying goes, but isn’t something that I can divert budget money towards at the moment.

So.  If you’d like to donate towards my next tattoo, the paypal address is .  In exchange, I will try and do something nice for you.  You might receive a thank you card, a post card, a nice print of the tattoo panel art with a note from me on the back, I could offer you babysitting, resume help, paper editing, or extra hands cleaning out your closet!  I assume most of my readers are people who know me IRL; so if you’re one of my outliers please just introduce yourself to me, and I will find a meaningful way to express my gratitude.

Birthday: Pre-emptive Strike

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