Boy, You Bubble Wrap My Heart

I have a date tonight and it’s with Thomthulhu and we’re going to Twisted Tail and it’s going to be pretty much the best.  My new hair is straight up ridiculmazing smokey lavender dreamboat city, and I’m wearing my favorite dress.  We’re going to Twisted Tail and I am a pleased and happy girl who looks like this today:


I feel tired this morning, but slept better last night than I have in a few days with a little help from Molly Hooper.  Chamomile and snow drop are pretty effective sedatives, let me tell you.  I’ve been drinking (and sampling) more tea lately and I find it makes me happy. Plus, come on — Homestuck blends?  Sold.  Good job, Adagio.  KANAYA AND FEFERI!  I love them.

Work has been going well, though I’m giving more than I’m getting from it these days. Outside of work I am trying to commit some formula structures to memory and develop more facility with them.  I have a budget to work out for my upcoming Rails Girls event in June, and need to come up with a plan to populate that event with awesome and varied and adventuresome women* and girls*.  Some of that may involve buying a plane ticket for a certain beloved twelve-year-old I know to come stay with us for some of the summer.  I have my first Girl Develop It event in a little over six weeks, and I’m excited to get a good foundation in Java.  The internet’s not going anywhere, after all.

We have a few shows coming up in February, and I’m excited to perform (and make a few extra bucks, honestly).  Beatrix and Bria have offered to help me with costumes (not my strong suit), and making room in our Library for a small sewing machine is probably a thing I should investigate.

Overall, things are grand.  I’m hoping today just flies by.  I’m quite looking forward to my date tonight.  ❤ #fhtagn


Boy, You Bubble Wrap My Heart

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