Don’t believe me just watch.

Some days, you just listen to Uptown Funk and plow through the bullsh*t.

I am hot sh*t dudes, and I’m also excellent at forgetting my hot sh*tness.  Yesterday was harrrrrrrrd at work, but I’ve gotten so much support and affirmation that it’s kind of like, who do YOU know that bills 50+ hours in a week where she TOOK A SICK DAY.

On the hilarious side, I was stuck on a broken down train last night from ohhhh 7PM until about Midnight.  I was pretty heated at the time, until Molly suggested I fart on the whole day and everyone in it.

We have been fiscally responsible over the last few weeks, and I’m hoping to take Thomthulhu out over Center City District Restaurant Week, next week.  I’ve adjusted our budget to more accurately reflect expenses over the next four to six weeks, and things are slightly less dire than I initially planned, which is good news.  I’m eyeing up The Dandelion, Farmacia, and Twisted Tail.  If I know Thomthulhu, he’ll see “Smoked Duck Hearts” and that’ll be the decision made.  I’m a lucky girl and he’s got PRIORITIES.

I YOLO my hair tomorrow, which is awesome.  I love being the hot chick with the rad ever-changing violet undercut.  It is nice looking like I feel on the inside.  I also sort of like the idea that I’ve transformed in the last six to ten months, and that there’s a progression that is both internal and external to mark that.  I like to think that I’m pretty unrecognizable from the woman I was a year ago.  Except I’m still pretty cute.  My tattoos are the same (but man, do I have plans to change that up!), but that’s about it.

I’ve returned to dance in a major way, and that’s been such a glorious rise from the ashes.  I’m hopeful that as my worklife becomes a little less like WORK+COMMUTElife, I can find some movement classes or workshops.  It feels good to be using my body for expression again, and even more so because the people I’m involved with are so positive, productive, and energizing.  It’s such a contrast.  In the meantime, singing in the car with Rhiannon and Lucy on the way to a show, or ribbing George from backstage, or High Fiving Bria when she comes out on stage to the Toxic Avenger Theme Song with a mop is motherf*cking triumphant as sh*t.  Don’t believe me, just watch.

So you know, up town funk you up up town funk you up.

Apparently, I’ll be guest-spotting over at Carnalcopia about boundaries, and a phrase for which I am now the only google result (“Harsh ye naught my shine”) is going to be made into glorious purple calligraphy tee-shirts.

Work changes are progressing well, and I’m very glad about that.

Life’s pretty grand.  Gonna kiss m’self I’m so pretty.





Don’t believe me just watch.

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