Kimchi Party Ya Ya Ya!

I’ve written before about my thoughts on beginning a supper club co-operative amongst my dear ones.

In the spirit of beginning that adventure, I’ve planned and made preparations for a Kimchi making gather at our (still unnamed, it’s making me crazy) abode, and I’m hella excited about it because first of all, I love cruciferous vegetables with a deep and abiding love, and more’s the better if they’re made into spicy crunchy flavorful pickled substances.

Seriously, I eat a LOT of cabbage with a LOT of enthusiasm (I balance it out with Brazil nuts, a varied diet, and regular seaweed snacks — yay Selenium!)

We’re on a pretty austere grocery budget these days.  Thomthulhu’s last day at his job (good riddance!) was Monday.  He left voluntarily to return to school for History and Classics, and I’m extremely proud of him.  Today is his first day back at school, and I wish I could be there when he got home.  I can’t wait to see him grow into an amazing teacher.  The idea of seeing his degree conferred in 2017 makes me pretty marshmallowy.  One of the consequences of his amazing choice is that I’m our sole breadwinner for the time being, and that means we have to be far more cautious with our money than either of us has ever needed to be.

So the idea behind our Kimchi Making Gather is this:  We, as the hosts, will provide jars, labels, kitchen space, board games, and the main flavor component of Kimchi (gochugaru).  Our guests will bring extra ingredients to make enough kimchi for everyone to take some home to their pantries, and leave some with us!

I’m pretty excited to read the book I ordered to prepare for the party at the end of the month, and to see my friends gathered in my kitchen having a wonderful time.

Kimchi Party Ya Ya Ya!

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