Il Neige!

It snows!  Harsh ye naught my shine, haters.  L’hiver for lyfe.

My commute in on the train was lovely this morning, though chilly.  I should have thrown some of those pop-the-seal-warm-the-toes things in my Sorels before I left the still-unnamed Apartment.  I love how darkness glows just a bit in the early morning when it is snowing.  I also love excuses to wear my fuzzy snow boots with the red laces to work.

Yesterday was Thomthulhu’s final day of work, and I’ve struck a hard bargain with our former landlord regarding the eight days of rent he’s ‘requesting’ for February.  You know, after we had vacated his now pretty dilapidated and poorly maintained building with a roof that leaked into our living room and a basement corner propped up by two by fours on the second of January.  Writing the required communication for that bargain to be struck was challenging, but I did it.

A lot of my people are talking about Resolutions for the New Year, and I think it is pretty great.  There’s not really enough long-term change required in my life for me to muck about with one, though I do have a pretty lengthy to-do and to-master list most of the time.  I’m happy with my body, my food choices, my capacities, and my choices.  The things I am working on are in pretty full swing, and have been for months; and “keep on with it, girl” isn’t much of a resolution.  It’s more Just How I Roll, these days.  I have a pretty substantial project to complete Wednesday after work so that I may submit it Friday, but I feel pretty confident I can make that happen.  My project and learning experience with Hanif will start the following week, and will likely transition into a larger project (and a corresponding list of mastered skills).

I’d like to keep the orchid that T gave me alive?  It would be nice if it would re-bloom.  We’re going to try to grow herbs in the kitchen?

Career change will take the shape and timing that it takes, probably within the next three to six months, factually speaking.

Our new home is amazing.  We have a bunch of projects to build and art to frame. We took some measurements for where shelves might fit in places like the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom yesterday evening when I got home from running a few errands.  We have a bed to build.  I have art to make.  Managing our money seems to be going as well as it can go under our current constraints.  I seem to be doing a good job of maintaining love, friendships, intellectual interests, and time for myself even though my commute is lengthy and begins early in the morning.

So, what would I be resolving to do, then?  I’d like to maintain my ridiculous hair.  My birthday month (March, for those of you following along at home) will likely involve a donation jar/paypal link dedicated to a pretty ambitious tattoo and I’d like to start the first session this spring, when my thirty-third birthday passes.   So maybe I’ll do like, quarterly resolutions.

My resolution for this quarter is that I’ll have a really amazing birthday this year.   My birthday is a Friday this year, so I might take off from work.  Maybe I’ll go to the Barnes by myself (or bring Thomthulhu, if he is done classes early enough in the day!) Thirty-three belongs just to me, and I’m going to celebrate it with accomplishments, progress towards my goals, appreciating myself, and investing myself in projects that are just mine.  I will also probably research, plan, execute, and eat a really beautiful meal for a very small group of friends.  Catalyst Con is the following week, and I’m going to be attending for at least a portion of the weekend with a few of my dear friends. Depending on how the first quarter shakes out, I can set new goals for April-July!

Il Neige!

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