A Moment to Collect Myself

The last three weeks have been insane and stressful with a real tough case of mixed bag.  It’s early Monday morning, and I’m hoping to collect my thoughts and embark upon another stressful week coming from a place of gratitude and excellence.

Things for which I am grateful:

My training is coming along nicely.  A few things developed outside of my control and so my certification date is likely the end of this month, but that is okay!  It will give me more time to study, make pretty flash cards with crayola markers, and play with use-cases before I take the exam.

I’m in touch with two recruiters already, and one of them seems especially lovely.

A path exists such that once I’m a certified administrator, I can move on to be certified in implementation, then development.  I like paths, and my capacity to pursue them independently.  I also like milestones on my journey!

A weekend day at Celia’s happened this Saturday, and was a lovely reset for my brain.  Looking forward to spending time with her and her family over Thanksgiving.

Tom is a wonderful, patient, and understanding man.  He also calls me out when I’m letting things get to me without calling my stress responses unreasonable.

I have great friends.

I have a date with a hot bath, cup of tea, nice pens and some training materials tonight when I get home from work.

We go to see what will likely be our new home, tomorrow after work.  In less than 8 weeks, we’ll be moving to West Philadelphia.  This is me breathing through the “eight weeks” part.  I’m so glad we own sensible furniture.  By volume, the majority of our possessions are books, and those box up and move pretty easily.

Holiday bonus time is approaching rapidly, and will be warmly and enthusiastically welcomed.

Things inevitably trend towards being okay.

So.  There’s all that.  Hey there, Monday.  Let’s dance.

A Moment to Collect Myself

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