Unsolicited Product Rave:
Guys, I’m a cosmetics snob.  And this goes doubly so for the few bits of makeup I wear daily.  Thus, I’m a blush and lipstick snob (I’m getting there with eyeliner).  I’d say it was problematic, but it isn’t, because I’m right.  I wear pretty minimal makeup on the daily.  I haven’t worn foundation or concealer in… probably 7 years or more.  No primer, no pore erasers, no setting sprays, nothing.  I detest feeling like there is goop on my face, I don’t like scented facial products, and I hate powder and matte finishes.  I don’t like makeup brushes, or having a lot of clutter in the bathroom.  I’ve used Benefit Cosmetics Posietint, nearly daily, for a year.  I bought a new bottle last night, because oh hey, a $30 bottle lasted me a nearly a year.

This product is perfect.  You apply the pigment with what looks like a nail lacquer brush, and quickly blend it on to your cheeks.  It’s weightless, stays put, and the shade is perfect with my pale delicate complexion, year-round. It doesn’t rub off when you lean your face on your hands.  It doesn’t get all over your boy/girl/otherfriend’s clothes when you hug him/her/other.  It doesn’t have glitter in it.  It’s unscented (seriously STAHP with the Cocoa Scented Blush, world, what is that even).  It doubles as a lip stain (though Benefit makes a lipstick I love more) that is aces if you’re going for a natural lip (which is never, if you’re me).  The brush is perfect for contouring, if contouring is your thing.  There is nothing I don’t love about Posietint, and I encourage my make-up mavens to ditch their powder blushes in favor of it and it’s sister cheek/lip stains in other glorious shades ON THE REGULAR.  Plus, when my wonderful cats knock all of my make-up on the floor?  I don’t have to clean up PINK POWDER EXPLODED FOREVER NOW STUCK IN THE GROUT OF MY BATHROOM TILE FOR THE REMAINDER OF TIME.  I just pick the bottle up, curse at my tiny panther monsters, and put it back on the shelf.

In other news, I’m dyeing my hair silver this weekend, at long last.  My colorist, Kimberly, and I are hopeful that the bleach gods will be on our side, since we have a /lot/ to do that day.  We’re stripping years of box dye off of my (enormous and now probably 75% naturally grey) hair, treating it, bleaching it down to the color of printer paper, and depositing silver on it.  It is probably going to take most of the day, and I plan to drink a lot of tea and look forward to soaking my entire head in coconut oil for hours when it’s all over because man, is this gonna sting.  I can’t wait!  This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but hadn’t found a colorist I trusted enough to be like: Yes.  Pictures to follow, and probably blogs in the meantime.  ❤


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