Minutiae on Monday

I watched the sun rise from my seventeenth story office window this morning.  The reasons for being in so early are a blog for another day, I think.  Suffice it to say: I’m in the office by 6:10 AM most mornings for the foreseeable future.  One of the benefits of that change is that I get to see the sun rise in the mornings while I drink my coffee and wait for the space heater under my desk to start working.  A big part of me likes arriving before everyone else, when the office is quiet and dark. I’m thinking about getting an incandescent light bulb lamp for my desk for these dark, early mornings.

I’m tired today, after a stressful Sunday involving a persistent dry cough, finishing a huge amount of bone broth, making a huge pot of borscht that will feed Tom and I for most of the week, and being surprised and dismayed at the necessity of replacing a battery in a car that I’ve had posted on craigslist for sale for the last week.  Womp.

Tomthulhu took excellent care of me, his exasperating and exasperated girl — making me tea, offering hands in the kitchen, and putting lids on jars of bone broth, chasing cats out of the kitchen.  Gratitude for this monster, y’all.

I’m spending this week putting my technical/software resume together for the first time in years, in the hopes of arranging a few informational interviews to get my charismatic and talented facebits in front of some employers in the area.  Fourth quarter hiring is rare, but hey: it won’t put me out none to be on the list of known values when new positions open in early 2015.  I have my eye on a few places where I think I’d be an appreciated asset — so we’ll see how that goes!  Worst case scenario, I have to choose between a shiny new career path+salary and my hard-earned holiday bonus here at the firm.  There are worse positions in which to abide.

Minutiae on Monday

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