So I am in the initial stages of a collaborative project, wherein I have a lot to say about wolves in sheep’s clothing, feminism, consent, and control.  It’s in the very earliest stages of development, and it remains a bit nebulous what will happen to the result of the collaboration, where it will live, and how much will be shared.  I may have some musing to do over the next little bit that will likely read as coming from negative space.  I’ll try and intersperse plenty of positive content.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: tonight Tomthulhu and I are going to PALS to meet and greet a billion cats and kittens.  We are pre-approved to adopt, and I’m super hopeful we’ll meet a gorgeous, playful girl with a lot of moxie to bring home with us.  T is partial to the tortoiseshell and calico girls and I’m hoping we meet a cutie tonight and can bring her right home so she can FREAK OUT ABOUT NEW PLACES for a few days, and then be our friend and companion.  REJOICING.


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