Upcoming food post

I’ve recently found a fairly reasonable purveyor of (among other things) veal bones.  This is exciting, because I’ve been meaning to make producing veal stock for my kitchen a priority for about a year, and ingredients (and really horrific pricing) have been a barrier.  I’m going to keep looking at local butcher shops and farmer’s markets because I prefer to source locally when I can, but I can probably order enough veal bones to make French Laundry style veal stock and keep us *ahem* stocked up for this autumn and winter before we move to the city.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be roasting some lovely oxtail I received from Powers Farm last week in the oven to prep it for a batch of bone broth.  There is a lot of woo about bone broth out in the toobs of the internet, but woo aside, its a really nutritionally dense, easy to make, easy to store ingredient.  It is budget-friendly and a whole hell of a lot healthier than the stuff you can buy in cans.  I also find it is a bit more robust flavor and body-wise than commercially available broth.  It should be in every cook’s kitchen, but not everyone has the time or inclination to spend an evening making stock.  It’s cool dudes.  With cooler weather and a hella winter on the way, I’d like to start a bit early getting my pantry and freezer ready for things like Snow Days and Days When My Nose is Running and I Am Too Tired To Make A Thing Because Cold and Dark Forever.  The smell of roasting bones makes me happy because I’m an ancestral template weirdo.

Investing time in making more things from scratch (rather than pay for things like packaging, additives, less food in my food, and expensive branding) makes me hopeful that this holiday season, I’ll be able to invest in a pressure cooker or sous vide supreme.  They’re a big expense (especially the sous vide), but the amount of time they save and food they can yield in one go would be a pretty big benefit for things like generating left overs, feeding a hungry crowd, and putting food by in the freezer for days when the budget is tight, one of us is ill, or days when I forget how to adult.  When we move to the city, I’ve considered proposing a lunch or supper share co-operative effort with local friends for things like stock (and mead) and other staples.  It’s on the back burner *rimshot* for right now though. It would mean I’d need to read up more on preserving and canning, but hey.  A little homesteading never hurt anyone, and I certainly have the support and resources (that’s the blog of a dear friend who is a far more accomplished homesteader than I — read about her rabbits!)

There are also ways to hack your own sous vide, which seems like a fun project, and also makes a more versatile machine with variable capacity.  Pretty cool!

Between all that, and researching other ways to make sure I’m staying on track in terms of both eating regularly and not spending my whole paycheck doing it, I’ve got a lot on my mind.  But!  It’s quite cool out today, and we might get some rain tonight.  I’ll have bones roasting in the oven for a bit, and then stock simmering for a fair portion of the evening.  I’m also going to make some beef heart cut into steak-like slices, and prep the kitchen to make borscht after work tomorrow, including starting a bit of vegetable kvass in a mason jar this evening.  (I have a crush on fermented foods.)

I’m sure I’ve babbled about this before, but honestly very few things make me happier than an evening in the kitchen after work.  I’m psyched that prioritizing that creative work is also going to work out for me financially in addition to being an act of self-care.

More later, maybe with some pictures!  ❤


Upcoming food post

5 thoughts on “Upcoming food post

  1. You make me sound way more together than I really am! 🙂

    A pressure canner purchase is in my not-too-distant future, so canning of stock is a thing that can happen here as well. We have many ducks destined for the freezer, and duck stock will definitely be happening later this winter!

  2. Devices seem to make life so much easier, don’t they? I feel like I will be curious to hear about your research looking in to a pressure canner. Right now, my kitchen is eensy weensy and storage is /such/ an issue. But hopefully, the next place will be a whole house (preferably with a basement and a chest freezer and some shelves)!

    Also: duck stock. I need several grown ups. And a ladle. For my mouth.

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