Panning for Gold in a Sea of… Mixed Bag

After an awful eventful morning at the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles, wherein I wept but did still manage to get permanent tags on Kimber (my 97 Subaru Legacy), and a yesterday evening wherein I also wept finding out that the shop that was working on my Saab put it in storage and wants to charge me per day (still hyperventilating), I just got really hopeful, excellent news and I am here to share it with all y’all:

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I pitched an article series to xoJane about my experiences as a suicide intervention counselor.  Today, as I left the DMV, I received this email:

Hi, and thank you for submitting to xoJane!

We like you! And we would like to publish your story. Let’s start with  one overarching IHTM on the topic of being a suicide intervention counselor and see how the response is. If people seem interested and want more, we can discuss the other, more in depth topics.
Can you send (or re-send) us the piece, some original art to run with it, a bio picture, and a bio for your author page? You can download our submission guidelines [redacted]. Please try to adhere to these guidelines and please read the photography guidelines carefully. 
If you would like to remain anonymous please do not send a bio or bio image and try to make sure there are no defining characteristics in any of the images you send us. When can you have this all to me? We can pay you $50 for your article. I will send you a contract as soon as you confirm your due date.
This feels like a big deal.  No one has ever really offered to pay me money for my thoughts or words before now, and it happened on my first pitch, on a pretty heavy and serious topic — that feels really encouraging!  An ongoing engagement writing for (and a few other publications I won’t name here because I’d like to remain anonymous for personal reasons) would already make a big difference in my digital footprint (because career change!), and the financial impact is non-trivial, especially with the other changes I’m trying to implement.  Also, I love writing and it feels really amazing that someone wants me to do a thing I really love and treats it like it matters!
I’m really excited, and I promise to keep you all up to date on my publication dates.  (: ❤
Panning for Gold in a Sea of… Mixed Bag

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