It’s Friday, I’m in Love

I spent a non-trivial portion of today thinking about awesome sh*t.  Maybe it was the Betty Who and Lana del Rey on iTunes.  Maybe it was the upcoming long weekend (F*CK YES Y’ALL).  Maybe it was the double-shot sweetheart latte this morning.  Maybe it was that the office is quiet today, and I’ve gotten a lot done with very few unwanted interruptions.  Maybe I just made a really good perfume choice this morning.  Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I look even cuter than usual today.  Whatever it was, I managed to float happily on the surface tension of lovely thoughts, plans, and hopes, despite being at, you know, work.  So in the interests of keeping things happily balanced between sort of heavy content, and light-hearted stuff, here’s what’s up in my head today:

  • Within the next five or six months, we’ll be living in our favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia.
    • Corallary: We will likely be neighbors with a bunch of awesome people, and be able to do things like come home from awesome jobs and make excellent food together in one kitchen or another, with music and cocktails.  Ginny and I will take walks with hot cider in cool weather while wearing tweed.  We might knit on someone’s awesome porch, even.  I will peg friends with snowballs on the way to my car in the morning.
    • Corallary: In the new ‘hood, we can probably afford an entire home for what we currently pay for a cramped cozy one bedroom third floor walk-up, with the option to include a housemate if we need breathing room on the rent.
  • We hit the farmer’s market yesterday evening after work (and a glass of wine) and I scored the ingredients to make borscht, including a beef heart, oxtail, and some really lovely looking beets.  Today’s weather was perfect for it, but I’ll likely make it Monday night, after the thunderstorms break the heat that’s coming this weekend.  Tom’s never had it, and I think he’s going to like it a lot.
  • I treated myself to a manicure today at lunch.  I went with black like it’s 1997 and I’m uninterested in your judgment.
  • I’m running a very informal session of Jade Regent for three of my players tonight.  Indian food and a lot of them fannying around the tavern (in game) are likely.  I might send them into the swamp for funsies.  Tom has a new character he’s introducing who is likely to be fun.
  • I’m wearing a houndstooth dress with pockets.  That is all I have to say about that, because nothing else needs to be said.
  • I get to see two of my dearest friends this weekend, and hang out with them by the pool with their kid, and that’s awesome.
  • I get my own birthday all to myself this year, and don’t have to share it with anyone.  Mine mine mine mine mine.  Thirty-three is going to be great.  #vernalequinox  We’ll have a new place and I can have my own party (or not) and I won’t have to split my time between competing groups of people who love me.  Glorious.

So yeah: Pretty awesome dudes.  2015-2016 is going to be THE YEAR OF AWESOME SAUCE.  I can’t wait.


It’s Friday, I’m in Love

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