Like “Beauty and the Beast” with more lesbians.

My dear ones are getting gaily married in the heart of Amish Country. AND I AM HELPING! Read the brideblog! Hilarity will ensue.

Queerly Beloved

I’m getting gay married in Amish country.

I’m not the first. I won’t be the last. If most conservative media are to be believed we – the queers, I mean, not just my fiancée and I – have an agenda, and that agenda is to take marriage and corrupt it by consecrating our loving and committed relationships in front of the people with whom we choose to share our vows. And, where it is legal, we – the queers! – are doing it in startling numbers because we have the gall to want to put a bunch of our friends and family in fancy clothes in a fancy venue and say some fancy mouth-words at each other and then make fancy toasts and do the fancy Electric Slide for twelve fancy hours.

I, uh, haven’t been to a lot of weddings.

Also, our wedding will not include the Electric Anything…

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Like “Beauty and the Beast” with more lesbians.

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