Things that are great about today:

Life is full of awesome, dudes.

  • I think I’m going to walk to the Library after work, to return my books and get more books.  Maybe Tomthulhu will come with me, and we can walk the reservoir path on our way home!
  • We can drink wine, listen to Coltrane, and assemble some bookshelves tonight, which sounds, honestly, perfect.
  • I might draw later tonight, and write a little for our upcoming Jade Regent session.
  • Betty Who’s four song EP, The Movement, is brain candy.
  • I don’t have to drive anywhere until tomorrow.
  • Green tea and miso crusted tuna steaks, roasted potatoes, and brussel sprouts for dinner.
  • I’ve been writing and reading really consistently lately!  I am proud of myself.
  • We finish the final stages of moving tomorrow, which means we will have a better bed, more seating, and a television in the living room.
  • I have done seriously seriously awesome with my budget this paycheck.  I’m getting better!
  • I have a new, working, pretty car (even if driving it is still a little stressful).
  • I think I might be able to swing a trip up to NYC soon!
  • We are going to the beach next Saturday with the Illustrious and Irreplaceable Sam.  Tim and Felicity might meet us there!
  • I get paid next week!
  • My decade milestone is coming up next month, and I feel really good about it for the first time.  I don’t know what I plan to do to mark the occasion yet, but I’m finally starting to feel free and self-honoring.  I’m transitioning from Survivor to Flourishing Amazing Human.  That feels pretty damn good.  That event will probably always be a part of me, but I’m behind the wheel 90% of the time.  I didn’t know I could ever come this far.
  • I feel more like the healthiest version of myself than I have in years.  It is straight up nuts how free of poisonous people my life is, now.  There is a lot of value in ejecting individuals who hoover the life out of you from your space.  I feel that I can greet life with more of a spirit of generosity and curiosity now than I have been able to in a very long time.
  • I have some amazing people in my life.  How did I get so fortunate?
Things that are great about today:

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