Farmers’ Markets, Beef Hearts, Life Goals

We are going to skip right over the topic of emails from ex-girlfriends.  I am so f*cking tired of this bullsh*t, that I’m simply going to move right along to awesome things.

Today, I’m starting a new routine.  I’m excited about it.  Tom’s weights (among the rest of his possessions) now live in our combined living space, the Sky Warren of R’lyeh, and I want to get back into a good stretching, body weight, and challenging (but not crazy) lifting routine.  I walk a ton now, but I feel like my body could use more stimulation.  Plus, I miss the delicious soreness that comes from a butt-kicker of a workout.  I had been holding out for a pole, since pole work is my favorite kind of exercise, but that is mega-silly.  Though, maybe I’ll get a hula hoop!  It beats the hell out of omgplanks.

We were talking the other day about his exciting return to school, and how getting back on target with ancestral/paleolithic template* is something we both want to make a priority.  While I get a little side-eye about people making food selection the subject of things like pseudoscience and religious zealotry, I do find that my body (and brain!) is happier when I eliminate or highly limit grains, legumes, and refined sugar.  Besides, making good, nourishing food is something both he and I enjoy.  Just don’t touch his ice cream.  Seriously, don’t.  He’s also found that caveman-like food choices help with things like chronic pain and digestive health.  So, really there’s no downside.  We feel better, eat and make more delicious things, and manage to stay pretty flexible — plus, I never have to worry about our kitchen being contaminated with gluten, an allergen for me.  Another great thing about the ancestral template is that it encourages me to be an even more adventurous cook and eater.  I love trying and finding out I love new things, and the ancestral diet emphasizes using more parts of an animal than just its muscle tissue, and encourages you to do things for yourself, like make your own stock!  It also can  help you build relationships with the people who make, grow, butcher, and sell the food you eat, since you’re more likely to find things like veal bones at your local butcher than at a place like Acme.  Getting to know the people in your own personal food chain is pretty neat.

Fast forward to yesterday evening: I came home feeling volatile and upset.  After Himself admonished me for reading E-mails From Ex-Girlfriends (possibly my new indie band), I was showered with all the kisses in the entire world and we simultaneously decided:  FARMERS MARKET.

We’re fortunate to live within two blocks of one of the biggest weekly farmer’s markets in Wilmington.  There’s usually live music, 5 different soul food trucks, ice cream, apiaries, an artisanal smoked meats truck (bestill my heart), and as we found, a wonderful farm from Townsend, Delaware.  We purchased two enormous (I’m talking huge — mine is easily 3 meals worth) bone-in sirloins for about $35, and I put a request in for a beef heart to pick up next week.  Affordable, grass fed and happily pastured beef, I cannot even.  Offal is something I really enjoy, and given how big of a part it plays in both a socially responsible and healthy diet, I was thrilled to hear they had them available.  They also carry liver, which I am apparently a weirdo for enjoying.  Whatever, dudes.  You’re missing out.  More for me.  Hand me that beef spleen.  I will cook it in ghee and change your life.

We walked around, happily, and Tom bought me a coconut Popsicle, which I joyously coated myself in as we walked home.  After some unpacking, cleaning, and laundry (perpetual laundry) while the steaks thawed, he broiled them up with a little salt and pepper (4 minutes per side, because the man knows what’s up), and I sauteed some asparagus.  We let the meat rest and then, tucked in.  Holy crap, dudes.  I am now spoiled, officially.  I don’t typically get enough protein, largely because broke.  Knowing that we have a reasonably priced source from now until November for such high-quality, well butchered, sustainable and healthy beef, pork, eggs, and chicken is amazing.  I’m still on the hunt for veal bones for stock in the autumn, but other than that, I feel like we are so covered.

I’m hopeful that wherever we move next, window gardening is something we can manage, and that we have access to a good CSA and farmers’ market.


In the meantime, I am way, way excited to pick up a beef heart that will likely be the size of my TORSO, and make it into delicious chili next week.  Huzzah!

* I hate –haaaate — the word diet, and the things it entails.  Apart from accommodating a pretty serious gluten allergy I discovered in my late twenties, I tend to think of what I put in my body as a matter of preference, rather than as adherence to rules.  I’m an absolute hedonist, and so I like for eating and the way I feel afterwards to both be pretty pleasurable experiences.  I find that making choices that are engendered in the philosophy of ancestral eating appeal to me on an aesthetic level, as well as making my insides and outsides feel pretty great.  In the event you’ve stumbled here accidentally, I am a body, consent, and pleasure positive person and you won’t see me talk about diets, rule adherence, body shame, or weight loss here.  But you will see me talk about food and what I think about it, because I love it.


Farmers’ Markets, Beef Hearts, Life Goals

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