Today, I learned something wicked cool.

Figs and Wasps have been involved in a symbiotic (and weird) relationship for 34 million years.  

Figs are one of my favorite things.  They’re up there with pineapple (the fruit of which is arranged in an interlocking helix related to the Fiboanacci sequence) and symbiotic relationships and gluten free marshmallows.  I had no clue figs were actually inverted flowers pollinated from the inside by the reproductive cycle of scary wasps (all wasps are scary… bees are fine; wasps are vile mean creatures who apparently exist solely to give me figs and figgy products and terrorize me by getting stuck in my car while I’m driving).  


Beyond that, I’m reading Attached, at the recommendation of a dear friend.  She has also recommended to me Emotional Unavailability.  One of the ways I respond to shite situations is to read, research, reflect, and discuss (nerd); so I’m excited to be able to invest in a shared vocabulary with someone close to me.  

As a result, there will likely be “Stuff I Learned Today” posts coming at a fairly decent clip.  But today: FIGS, Y’ALL.


Today, I learned something wicked cool.

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